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Turn fire into electricity and never stay in the dark again
Tunisian OST awarded Project
Crafted with love by Attach-kila Team

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InstaPower has your back, and charges your phones and gadgets from wasted fire anywhere, anytime, for FREE

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Based on strong physics foundation, Instapower defines the true meaning of innovation

Light and Fast

Efficiency is being improved daily and currently you get to fully charge your phone in just couple of hours

Award-winning Project

Certified by Open Startup Tunisia Contest & University of Columbia New York

Backed by OST

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Our Clients have never been happier with InstaPower

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With luxurious quality materials , InstaPower is awesome to even just look at

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Didn't like it? No problem you give it back and get a full refund :)

Secure & Safe

You fear fire? So do we, that is why InstaPower is a black box and you don't get to see what is going on inside

Core Features

Easy to Setup

Muliple use cases

24/7 Help & Support

Always available

OST awarded project

Modular system

Our Happy Clients

Meet The Team

Attach-kila, A perfect team full of passion and motivation and willingness to drive a world change!

Roger Garfield

Ilhem Nemri

Co-Founder, Product Designer,CTO
Roger Garfield

Intissar Rouabhia

Co-Founder, Engineer SDG, CMO

Roger Garfield

Ahmed Bessrour

Co-Founder, Finance & managment, CFO
Roger Garfield

Mirna Gharbi

Co-Founder, Engineer, CPSO
Roger Garfield

Teresa Ciaccio

Health Care

Roger Garfield

Sarah Spear

Private Equity
Roger Garfield

Louis Wu

Roger Garfield

Pavitra Kobkulsuwan

Hospitality & Managment

Roger Garfield

Luna Luo

Roger Garfield

Walid Ayadi

Technical Coach
Roger Garfield

Tarek Chelaifa

Business Coach

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is InstaPower?

InstaPower is a lightweight, portable device that when exposed to fire (or heat) it converts it into electricity which then used to charge up phones or gadgets anywhere , anytime , for FREE

Who is benefiting from InstaPower?

InstaPower is intended to help those who do not have access to the power grid, however schools are using it in their course materials and campers are using it to keep camping longer periods

Is it dangerous to use?

Not at all, Instapower operates in two modes the internal combustion and external combustion. Internal combustion sandboxes the whole process inside the box so it is 100% safe to play with. External combustion however is used when there is no liquid fuel, it is put directly on fire, we provide guidelines on how to use this mode. But users are probably using fire to cook traditionally anyway so generally it would not be a problem

What if I can't afford it?

If you live in a rural area and you have no alternative to provide electricity then NGOs will provide you InstaPower unit for free

Do you provide kits for educational purposes

Yes, We do provide InstaPower preassembled or as a kit along side with educational Materials

How long will it take to charge up my phone

The current version would fill a 2000mAh phone in a couple of hours, but keep in mind that InstaPower is being improved and better performance shall be presented in the near future.

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